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Latest Job in Oil And Gas Company. Apply Now

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) - We organize and bring together the oil approaches of its Member Countries and guarantee the adjustment of oil showcases keeping in mind the end goal to secure a proficient, monetary and customary supply of oil to buyers, a relentless pay to makers and a reasonable profit for capital for those putting resources into the oil business.

Job Description
Inside the Support Services Division, the Finance & Human Resources Department is in charge of spending plans, bookkeeping and inner control and in addition HR arranging and administration. 

The Department is to give administrations identified with dealing with the human and monetary assets of the Organization. 

Inside the Department, the Finance Section is in charge of every single money related issue and monetary control capacities at the Secretariat and guaranteeing budgetary respectability of the Organization as stipulated in the Financial Regulations.

Objective of Position
The Finance Officer is in charge of money related issues and budgetary control capacities at the Secretariat, guaranteeing monetary uprightness of the Organization as per the destinations of the Section. 

He/she is to design and oversee money related assets of the Secretariat effectively and in addition to deal with the work program of the Section and to administer and direct its staff.

Main Responsibilities:

Performs money related arranging and money administration guaranteeing proficient and compelling usage of assets; 

Directions the spending readiness in congruity with the rules and screens the usage of the financial plan; 

Gets ready reports and introductions on monetary issues to the Management and the Board of Governors; 

Checks and controls all installments got and records exchanges; 

Deals with the working procedure and directs staff of the Section; 

Deals with the venture of fluid assets; 

Offers help and data to the Internal and External Auditors.

Required Competencies and Qualifications
  • University degree in Accounting/Finance;
  • Advanced degree preferred.
  • Work Experience:
  • University degree: 10 years of accounting, finance, and budgeting
  • Advanced degree: 8 years
  • Training Specializations:
  • Accounting (Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting)
  • Finance (Financial Management preferred)
  • Cost & Benefits Analysis / Budgeting
  • Computer Accounting System

Managerial & leadership skills
Communication skills
Analytical skills
Presentation skills
Interpersonal skills
Customer service orientation
Team-building skills
Language: English

Status and Benefits:
Individuals from the Secretariat are worldwide workers whose duties are not national but rather only universal. In completing their capacities they need to show the individual qualities expected of universal workers, for example, honesty, freedom, and fairness. 

The post is at review D answering to the Head of Finance & Human Resources Department. The remuneration bundle, including exile benefits, is comparable with the level of the post.

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